Human & Digital: Your New Experience

At Your Service

Exceeding your expectations is at the center of everything we do. With a team of industry experts laser-focused on you, and a powerful, state-of-the-art digital platform to manage your projects in real time, we are always here to make sure your experience is exceptional.

Relationship Manager

This is your leasing expert who exclusively serves your industry. Whether you are working on a renovation project or implementing new technology, your relationship manager will develop a leasing program that achieves your goals.  

Project Manager

The top professionals in the industry are at your service to oversee all aspects of the project. Your dedicated project manager will work directly with you from start to finish to simplify the approval process, coordinate with vendors and prepare customized loan documents.

End of Lease Specialist

This is your go-to for lease-end solutions. Your end of lease specialist manages your renewal, return and buy-out options. From coordinating logistics to recycling services, they make the process simple and straightforward.

    Access Your Leases. Anytime. Anywhere.

    Your team of industry experts are backed by cutting-edge technology that will transform your financing experience. Discover the difference with our project financing hub, FA | Experience, e-signature technology and virtual meeting capabilities.

    FA | Experience

    Powerful, simple and safe. Manage your lease with 24/7 access to FA | Experience, your project financing hub. From uploading documentation to adding users and reviewing invoicing, you can track and oversee every step of the financing process.


    Securely e-sign and send documents from anywhere, anytime using DocuSign. Our clients have executed more than 5,000 equipment schedules using DocuSign, which has preserved a total of 5,000 lbs. of wood and 13,400 lbs. of water.

    Virtual Meetings

    With our videoconferencing technology, you can easily meet with your First American team on screen and review documentation at the same time. Each year we conduct more than 5,000 virtual meetings.