Asset Renewal Programs

In a complex environment where many schools struggle to meet enrollment goals, the ability to recruit and retain students is critical. According to the 2016 Trends in Higher Education Marketing, Enrollment and Technology report, this means schools must make the shift towards "treating students more like customers," by delivering a better experience and exceeding rising expectations through the programs they deliver. Regardless of whether schools are supporting existing programs or creating new ones, many face budget constraints as they try to enhance the student experience. According to the 2016 Top 10 IT Issues by Educause Review Online, one of the biggest challenges schools face is developing funding models that sustain core service, support innovation and facilitate growth.

Whether the goal for your school is to sustain core services, support innovation or facilitate growth, equipment is at the heart of the programs you deliver to your students. However, equipment used to support your academic programs has a useful life. The quality of your school’s equipment and facilities directly impacts students. This creates a challenge to develop a funding model that supports these frequently needed upgrades. 

Our Asset Renewal Programs were created to help you develop a consistent, sustainable refresh program to acquire the equipment necessary to meet your students’ needs. From technology equipment to lab, medical and fitness equipment – these assets are the perfect fit for an Asset Renewal Program.


Types of Asset Renewal Programs:




How these programs work:

1. Identify Replacement Cycle for equipment with short useful life
2. Align the Useful Life / Warranty with Funding
3. Implement a Transparent Campus Roll-Out.
4. Recycle the Outdated and Obsolete Equipment
5. Benefit from the Simplicity and Budget Consistency


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